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Frequently Asked Questions for Redbud Estates

What does the application process consist of?

Each person over the age of 18 who wants to live in the community will need to fill out an application. We process the applications through American Tenant Screening, which provides us with a report on each applicant. Included in the report are a credit history, criminal history, and eviction history/public records. We also contact the most recent landlord for a reference as well as the current employer to verify income.

How much are the application fees?

$25 per individual or $35 per couple.

How long is the commitment on a lease agreement at Redbud Estates?

Our lease runs month-to-month for rental lots. For rental homes, the lease agreement is 6 months, then month-to-month after that.

How much is lot rent per month?

Lot rent is $325 per month and includes trash service.

What cable services are available?

Currently Cox Communications, Dish TV and Direct TV all provide services to the community. AT&T offers internet services.

If I want to move my home into Redbud Estates, what are the qualifications my home must meet?

Based on the age, size, and overall appearance of the home, our Maintenance Supervisor will make the determination of whether your home is acceptable. In some cases, he may ask that some repair work be done to the exterior before the home moves in.

How much will it cost to move my home into Redbud Estates?

The homes are moved by your choice of mobile home movers. The cost will vary depending on the size of the home, and the distance it is traveling. Please contact a mobile home moving company for a quote.

Do you have any specials or incentives?

We currently have two move-in incentives. We will pay $600 of the cost of moving the home to the mobile home mover of your choice, as long as they have the proper permits, and are insured. OR we will give you 12 months of lot rent at $100 per month if you move an approved home into Redbud Estates or purchase one of the new homes in our community.

Do you allow pets?

We are a pet-friendly community. The only restriction on types of pets is the “aggressive breeds” of dogs as deemed by the City of Manhattan. We also reserve the right to limit the number of pets in one home, and all pets are to be kept as indoor pets. In our rental homes, there is a separate pet deposit and per month pet fee.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is equal to the amount of rent, and is due before moving in. We will return the security deposit within 30 days after move-out, minus any damages, unpaid rent or other charges due.

Who is responsible for yard maintenance?

Each resident is responsible for the upkeep of their own yard. This includes mowing, trimming weeds, and keeping the lot clear of clutter. Our maintenance staff will trim trees as necessary.