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Lot Information & Availability for Homeowners at Redbud Estates

Redbud Estates continually strives to upgrade the community and provide a welcoming and safe environment for all our members.

We have high standards on what homes can be moved into the community, and which older homes must be moved out of the community. This enables us to maintain quality occupancy and also ensures quality homes for neighbors.

We also ensure quality neighbors by requiring a credit and background check for anyone applying for residency.  An application fee of $25 per adult or $35 per couple will apply. See here for information regarding an application.

Because we encourage, and enforce regular upkeep and improvements of the exteriors of residents' homes, we provide a parts-order service to all of our homeowners. This includes: skirting, siding, shingles, doors, windows, steps, and more! We buy them at low prices and extend those prices to our tenants. We let our tenants make monthly payments directly to us with the monthly lot rent or pay all at once.

Lots are available, please call for more information – (785) 539-5791

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